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    .filter({ completed: false })
    .order({ priority: 'desc' })
    .subscribe((tasks, changes) => {
      const { added, updated, removed } = changes
      console.log('My todo list: ', tasks)
      console.log('New tasks: ', added)
      console.log('Updated tasks: ', updated)
      console.log('Completed tasks: ', removed)

  Rapid.getInstance().collection("todo-list", Todo.class)
    .equalTo("completed", false)
    .orderBy("priority", Sorting.DESC)
    .subscribeWithListUpdates((tasks, listUpdate) -> {
      Log.d(TAG, "My todo list: " + tasks);

  Rapid.collection(named: "todo-list")
      .filter(by: RapidFilter.equal(keyPath: "completed", value: false))
      .order(by: RapidOrdering(keyPath: "priority", ordering: .descending))
      .subscribeWithChanges { result in
          guard case .success(let changes) = result else {
              // TODO: Handle error
          let (tasks, added, updated, removed) = changes
          print("My todo list: (tasks)")
          print("New tasks: (added)")
          print("Updated tasks: (updated)")
          print("Completed tasks: (removed)")

Build Amazing Realtime User Experience

  • Rich Queries

    Retrieve your data the way you need it. Rapid.IO makes it really easy to filter, sort and page results so they fit into your UI.

  • Auto Indexing

    Feel free to query your data any way, any time. Rapid.IO maintains indexes over all properties of all your documents automatically.

  • Flexible Security

    Maintain control of who can access which document, which way. Using our flexible authorization tokens your domain logic stays in one place.